Your expert in thermoform trim tools
We use the best materials and most modern machines. Vastado has a passion for innovation, but also has professional knowledge on cutting dies. We use the best materials and most modern machines.
High quality and innovative customised work
Vastado designs, produces and tests in accordance with the highest quality standards. Vastado controls the plotters, cutting and bending machines, drilling-machining machines, lasers and wire sparkers with advanced CAD-CAM systems.
Service from product to shipment
Our communication lines are short and direct. Our staff know your organisation, your machines and the ideal cutting die solution like no other. At Vastado you still feel like a real customer. We like to take that extra step, also when the delivery deadline is tight.
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Vastado, if continuity is your core business

A cutting die is an extremely accurate tool that is calibrated to hundredths of a millimetre. An essential element of your entire production process. A deviation in the shape or wear on the blade can have major consequences for your planning or the quality of the finished product.

At Vastado we understand that reliability and continuity are important preconditions for an optimum production process. All of our products and services are geared to optimising your production process for good reason.

Craft & skill in the service of the customer
Vastado Stansvormen has an appropriate answer for all of your cutting die projects. Vastado stansvormen has specialised in the customised production of cutting die tools since 1983.
Quality from idea to finished product
Our technical know-how and many years of experience help us to minimise your adjustment time and optimise output. Vastado designs, produces and tests in the Netherlands in accordance with the highest international quality standards.
Passion for the product and the project
Vastado innovates with designers and engineers every day. We know the success factors and pitfalls relating to efficient die cutting solutions. At Vastado you feel like a real customer. Our staff are happy to take the extra step in order to make the impossible possible.
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