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    Your expert in thermoform cutting die
    Specialised complete range

    Vastado believes in specialisation. We do what we are good at. You know your sector, and we know your cutting die issues.

    High quality finished product

    We use the best materials and most modern machines. Vastado has a passion for innovation, but also has professional knowledge on cutting dies.

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    High quality and innovative customised work
    Modern technologies

    Vastado designs, produces and tests in accordance with the highest quality standards.

    Advanced systems

    Vastado controls the plotters, cutting and bending machines, drilling-machining machines, lasers and wire sparkers with advanced CAD-CAM systems.

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    Service from product to shipment
    Flexible and efficient

    Our communication lines are short and direct. Our staff know your organisation, your machines and the ideal cutting die solution like no other.

    Fast and secure

    At Vastado you still feel like a real customer. We like to take that extra step, also when the delivery deadline is tight.

Vastado if continuity is your core business

A cutting die is an extremely accurate tool that is calibrated to hundredths of a millimetre. An essential element of your entire production process. A deviation in the shape or wear on the blade can have major consequences for your planning or the quality of the finished product. At Vastado we understand that reliability and continuity are important preconditions for an optimum production process. All of our products and services are geared to optimising your production process for good reason.

  • Craft & skill in the service of the customer

    vastado stansvormen

    Vastado Stansvormen has an appropriate answer for all of your cutting die projects.


    Vastado Stansvormen has specialised in the customised production of cutting die tools since 1983.

  • Quality from idea to finished product

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    Our technical know-how and many years of experience help us to minimise your adjustment time and optimise output.


    Vastado designs, produces and tests in the Netherlands in accordance with the highest international quality standards.

  • Passion for the product and the project

    Vastado stansvorm snijden zwevend mes snijstaal rijen

    Vastado innovates with designers and engineers every day. We know the success factors and pitfalls relating to efficient die cutting solutions.


    At Vastado you feel like a real customer. Our staff are happy to take the extra step in order to make the impossible possible.

All expertise under one roof

  • High-quality laser welding

    Recently, we have expanded our machinery with a high-quality laser-welding machine, an innovative piece of equipment capable of producing welds of well under 0.1 mm. This ensures very strong connections with hardly any thermal distortions and a perfect surface area. This makes final processing redundant, which benefits the quality and durability of the end-product.
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  • Aluminium dies with various cutting blade options

    Aluminium blocks can be supplied in all desired thicknesses. The blade heights can be supplied as 23.8-30-40-50-60-70-80 and 100 mm high. Aluminium blocks are spark-eroded in order to guarantee optimum execution. Floating dies can also be made with this for perfect centring.

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  • The highest quality is available in both steel and aluminium

    If heated cutting dies are chosen you can opt for either a steel or aluminium frame. You can supply this steel frame or have it made completely by Vastado. The cutting rule is then fitted in or around the block.

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  • Customised lasered die cutting plates for a wide range of applications

    We produce cutting die plates in stainless steel for the vacuum shaping industry in thicknesses of: 1-1.5-2 and 3 mm. We laser the outline in accordance with the dimension that you specify, with or without fastening holes. We can laser any kind of hole for you in the die cutting plate. These plates can also be supplied in steel and/or hardened steel plates.

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  • The best quality for the best result

    Vastado Stansvormen has used the high quality blades produced by Böhlerstrip for its products for more than 20 years. With an unique and broad range of options, Böhlerstrip has developed into a world market leader in the packaging industry in the last 50 years.

    More information: www.bohlerstrip.com

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  • We always supply in accordance with the most stringent quality standard

    We can make a completely new blade, but also produce one or more separate blades that are identical to the original first order. This "separate" blade is produced on the basis of its unique plot number so that it always fits around or in the existing die, aluminium block or steel window.

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  • Version available in wood and also aluminium/stainless steel

    Besides cutting the product you also have the possibility to stack your products with the aid of a pusher in combination with a stacking cage. This stacking tool can be produced in wood or aluminium/stainless steel.

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  • Specialist cutting work

    Mounting holes and/or clearances for the product can be made in aluminium cutting dies. This is carried out with a machining unit.

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  • Perfect conducting welding electrode

    The welding electrode seals products. This electrode is available in various qualities with appropriate tolerances.

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  • High quality wood flat dies in all kinds of specifications

    The base plate, possibly with notches or cut out sides, can be made in such a way that it can be slid directly into the machine. A self-centring unit that ensures that the edges on all sides are even can be built in if desired.

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